art gallery

White’s Art Gallery is characterized by a stringent selection of its art, its exhibition program and quality of services offered to the public, designed, as well, with the goal of making tours and private exhibitions.
White’s Art Gallery has a universal art and timeless profile with emphasis on Venezuelan and Latin American artists, teachers and new talent, focusing primarily on painting and sculpture.
The Art Gallery’s luminous spaces provide a framework suitable to the best appreciation of the art work.

Every year, these spaces are filled with exhibitions from individual or various artists, anthologies, different genders and retrospectives, among other proposals, endorsed by curators and supported by catalogs and other publications.
Within the collection, there is a group of artists White’s Art Gallery represents exclusively or almost exclusively. Periodically, we exhibit individual art work to show progress of their work.

We also have art pieces of great Venezuelan masters such as:

VirgilioTrompiz, Golding, Pablo Benavides, Dora Gabay, Serradimini, Marcelo Bottaro, Armando Cuaulma, Vasquez Brito, Pedro Angel Gozalez

Nestor Paz Al Blanco among other…