Presentacion Carlos Tirado 15

Carlos J. Tirado Yepes, escultor y pintor venezolano que ha desarrollado una línea de trabajo precisa y personal, vinculada al neo-pop.
Fecha de nacimiento: 3 de abril de 1964 (edad 49), Caracas, Venezuela
EDUCATION:Artes Plásticas en el Instituto de Artes y Diseño YSSY. Prof. Javier Hernandez and withProf. Graciela Simmonatto.

Draw and painting in Museum Tessari Rizzo, Caracas Venezuela.

Initiation to the Sculpture Professor York Stever, Caracas Venezuela.


1986-1992 School of Laws at Universidad Santa Maria Caracas Venezuela.


2000-Current Year Art Teacher, South Florida Art School

2000-2004Director and Art Teacher of the Doral Art & Design Institute

1996-1997 Art Teacher, Amigos del Nino Foundation, Caracas Venezuela


2011 Neo Pop Today by Carlos Tirado Wynwood, Fl

2010 Curators Voice Gallery Wynwood, Fl

2009 Power Museum Coral Gables, Fl

2007 Doral Conservatory and School of Arts Doral, Fl.

2007 Museo de Aire Cordoba, Spain

2006 Arenas By CJ Tirado Yepes Doral, Fl.

2005 Consulate of Venezuela in Miami Miami, Fl.

2005 Embassy of Venezuela Washington DC

2005 Bolivarian Hall of Washington DC Washington DC

2004 Gallery NAPP Weston, Fl.

2004 Government Center of Fort Lauderdale Fort Lauderdale, Fl.

2003 NPTI Gallery Miami, Fl.

2002 Homenage to The Avila. Miami, Fl.

2002 The Venezuelan Center of Art New York, NY.

2001 Weston Community Center Weston, Fl.


2013 Art Expo New York, South Florida Art Gallery

2013 Art Wynwood, Rimonin Art Gallery Miami, FL.

2012 Feria Iberoamericana de las Artes Caracas, Venezuela

2012 Hongqiao Carnival Art Fair Shanghai, China

2011 Miami International Art Miami, Fl.

2011 Shanghai Art Fair Shanghai, China

2011 Art Shanghai Shanghai, China

2011 Shanghai Art Fair Shanghai, China

2011 Canton Art Fair Canton, China

2010 Art Shanghai Shanghai, China

2008 Arte Americas Miami, Fl.

1987 Salones Hervigon Puerto La Cruz, Venezuela

1986 Salones Hervigon Maracaibo, Venezuela

1986 Salones Hervigon Barquisimeto, Venezuela

1985 Salones Hervigon Caracas, Venezuela


2013 London Art Biennials London, England

2012 Dublin Biennial London, England

2012 Biennials di Chincianno Sienna, Italia

2012 Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Ciudad de Mérida, México

2012 Imperial Contemporary Museum of Beijing Beijing, China

2012 Biennial of Dublin Dublin, Ireland

2011 Heng Lu Art Museum Hangzhou, China

2011 Biennale Internazionale d’Arte Contemporanea di Firenze Firenze, Italy

2011 Bandi Trazos Gallery Seoul, Korea

2011 Shanghai Art Fair, The American Wing Pavilion Shangai, China

2011 Alma Fine Art Gallery Wynwood, Florida

2008 Summer Artists DCSA Doral, Florida

2008 Arte Americas Miami, Florida

2008 NOBE 67 Art North Miami, Florida

2007 Museum of Air Cordoba, Spain

2006 Museum Arturo Michelena Valencia, Venezuela

2006 Hispanic Festival, North Carolina North Caolina, NC

2005 Second International Room of Plastic Arts Cordoba, Spain

2005 10th Latin Art Festival of Georgia Atlanta, Ga

2005 Consulate of Venezuela in Miami Miami, Florida

2004 NPTI Miami, Fl Miami, Florida

2004 El Pueblo Inc. Raleigh, N.C. North Caolina, NC

2004 Main Library of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale, Fl

2003 Homenage to “ El Avila”, Consulate of Venezuela Miami, Florida

2002 Weston Community Center Weston, Florida

2001 13rd Room of the Tessari Rizzo´s Museum Caracas, Venezuela

2001 C & C Fine Art Gallery Weston, Florida

2000 Museo de Arte la Estancia Caracas, Venezuela

1999 Museo de Arte la Estancia Caracas, Venezuela

1997 Museo Jacobo Borges Caracas, Venezuela


2012 Art of the Year, Le Corcierge Magazine Caracas, Venezuela

2012 Le Concierge Magazine Caracas, Venezuela

2011 Doral News Doral, Florida

2010 Doral News Doral, Florida

2008 Cosmo Guayana Pto. Ordaz, Venezuela

2008 Hispanic Target Miami, Florida

2008 Aires of Cordoba Cordoba, Spain

2008 Museo de Aire Cordoba, Spain

2007 Miami Home and Decor Miami, Florida

2006 Artist of the Month Doral Conservatory and School, Miami, Florida

2005 10th Latin Art Festival of Atlanta Atlanta, Georgia

2005 Consulate of Venezuela in Miami Miami, Florida

2005 Embassy of Venezuela in Washington DC Washington, DC

2005 Seven Pillars of the Success Caracas, Venezuela

2005 Revista De todo Caracas, Venezuela

2004 Georgia House of Representative Atlanta, Georgia

2004 New Professions Technical Institute Miami, Florida

2004 Third Place International Prize

2004 ALFREDO Cartoons “El Venezolano” Miami, Florida

2004 Main Library of Broward County, “Raíces Encontradas” Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2003 New Professions Technical Institute Miami, Florida

2003 Fascinación Magazine Caracas, Venezuela

2003 Miami Herald Miami, Florida

2003 Program: Solo Para Ustedes Miami, Florida

2003 Program: En la Mira Weston,Florida

2003 La voz de Venezuela Miami, Florida

2003 Radio Kys FM 101.5 Caracas, Venezuela

2001 Fascinación Magazine Caracas, Venezuela

2001 Diario El Venezolano Newspaper Miami, Florida

2000 Consulate of Venezuela Miami, Florida

1999 Venezuelan Month en Miami Miami, Florida

1999 Rojas Gallery Caracas, Venezuela

1999 Venezuelan Space, “El nacimiento en Venezuela” Miami, Florida

1998 Salones Hervigon Caracas, Puerto la Cruz, Barquisimeto, Maracaibo, Valencia, Venezuela

1998 12nd. Room of the Tessari Rizzo´s Museum Caracas Venezuela

1986 Exhibition “Colectiva YSSY” Caracas Venezuela

1985 Exhibition “Colectiva Hotel Avila” Caracas Venezuela


2004 Siete Pilares del Exito. Author Carlos Pina Grau Caracas, Venezuela


2013 Admirals Club Catalog American Airlines NY, Houston, Usa. Caraca, Venezuela. Sao Paulo,


2000 Fascinación Magazine Caracas, Venezuela

1999 Fascinación Magazine Caracas, Venezuela

1999 Diario Venezuela al Día Newspaper Miami, Florida

1998 Estampas Magazine Caracas, Venezuela

1990 Caracas, Venezuela

1989 Caracas, Venezuela

1988 Campaign Lively Laboratories Calox Caracas, Venezuela

1988 Caracas, Venezuela

1986 Caracas, Venezuela

1986 Diario de Caracas Caracas, Venezuela

Animated Campaing to Cervecerias Nacional

ALFREDO, cartoons, Diario de Caracas


Jose Hernandez Miami, Florida

Milagros Bello Curators Voice

Francisco Arroyo Asociación Criticos de Arte de España AECA

Francisco Arenas Museo de Aire, España

Alvaro Cirillo Bandi Trazos Gallery, Korea-China-Uruguay

Carlos Alberto Vasquez Rey Colombia

Francisco Robles Sevilla, España


2013 XIV Biennialle di Florenscia, Florensce Italy

2013 Art Expo Beijing, China

 Artist Statement

Since I was a child, I’ve realized that art is more than colors and figures. In my work, I

investigate each element and subject I’m going to be focusing on; first using my heart, and

then my sense of reason. Through basic geometry I have found stability and a language of

universal art.

One dimensional paintings have proven to be my bigger challenge professionally.

Combined with geometric figures, my focus as of late, they simulate a pixel. The moment, at

which you handle them with dramatic cuts, they turn into the opposite, an antipixel. This is

greatest excitement of my work – visualizing something in my head, working on something

without the certainty that it will turn out the way I want, ultimately for the pleasure and

the acceptance of my audience.