nestor paz Nestor Paz paints a mix of cubism, figurism and textured abstractionism. He uses his immagination to translate emmotional elements to the canvas. He tries to reflect what people think about the essential secrects of life in the present being and the after life with the purpose of sending messages to demostrate what we can do to be better human beings. He symbolizes this in his work through aspects of time, music, emmotions, angels and biblical elements.

Nestor was recently honored with the 3rd place in International Art Festival @ Doral Miami, competing with more than 150 artits from all around the world and 400 pieces of art in total. Also, in 2007, he received the the award as “Oustanding Artist of 2007” in Miami Beach. Expert critcs from multiple areas, incluiding ex-directors from the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, have predicted that Nestor’s work is “so significant, so electric, so rich with expression, that it may ultimately withstand even the test of time itself”.

Nestor Paz began creating artwork during childhood. Born and raised in Venezuela, Nestor studied Art, Painting and Sculpture at Conservatorio Cultural del Zulia. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from Cecilio Acosta University in Maracaibo, Venezuela.

In Venezuela, Nestor Paz divided his time between art and journalism. He worked on television as a host and reporter; and as a radio personality.

Nestor is presently developing his careers in the United States.